Aquatic Exercises Can Bring Arthritis Relief According to Pool and Spa Warehouse Managers

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According to pool and spa warehouse managers, it is a difficult life when you live with arthritis. It can affect the quality of your life more than just your joints. In a conservative estimate, there are around 54.4 million adults suffering from this chronic illness. It can affect their overall mood for the day, which most of the time gets in the way of their work, and thus putting a limit to their activity.  

After all, it is extremely hard to engage in your usual day to day activities when you have  joint pains — it will certainly hit you hard when it restricts your mobility. It can be irritating and frustrating most of the time. However, here is a bit of good news for people with this condition, a silver lining of hope for them to look forward to. 

Observing regular exercise could help alleviate the physical afflictions wrought by arthritis. Aquatic types of workout are best suited for this purpose. Different managers of pool warehouses admit that this is one of the key selling points for most of their hydro pool offerings. 

People who are afflicted by arthritis but are committed to doing one form of exercise or another are less likely to feel its excruciating pain and thus they feel more energetic, enjoying the benefits of having a restful sleep. In other words, they get to enjoy normal life and still be able to carry out their day-to-day functions.  

What these people need is a convenient exercise option. An aquatic type of exercise is most ideal for these cases because they are designed primarily with well-being and wellness in mind.

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Arthritis Relief Exercise Recommendations

As per federal guideline recommendation, adults need to engage themselves in an aerobic activity for a minimum of 150 minutes. This would be equivalent to a 2 ½ hours of workout, per week. This guideline, though, is not bound to change even if you happen to have arthritis.

As per the advice of Centers for Disease Control, anyone seeking some kind of relief from arthritis can begin by exercising with low-impact exercises first.  

How to Exercise in a Swim Spa

Just every imaginable workout you can do on land, you can do as well in the water. Dance, walk, jog, stretching, strengthening — and swimming, of course. It is a complete overall body workout.  

The outdoor water entertainment pools with Australian spa parts have mechanisms that help create and control the flow of water. They come with adjustable currents that would be ranging from therapeutic level to strong. This feature allows for resistance when you walk, swim, or jog in the pool water.

Moreover, swim spa water provides users an ideal environment for exercising, regardless of the kind of arthritis that a person may be afflicted with. The pool water itself provides the buoyancy and natural resistance that takes away the pressure off the joints. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of increased muscle strength as well as range of motion in a much safer and more secure environment. Hence, it is taking your workout routine to the next level of efficiency, highly recommended by health experts. 

Fun Fact About Using Swim Spa for Working Out

Pool and spa warehouse managers say that when you perform an aquatic workout and you immerse your body to neck level, its water will provide 90% support  to your body’s total weight. 

A waist-depth water provides buoyancy support of 50% of your body’s weight. The seeming weight disparity here, or perceived weight loss signifies that there is now less stress on the body itself. This is most helpful in strengthening up weak muscles.