Pool and Spa Warehouse: Should You Get a Pool or a Swim Spa?

pool and spa warehouse

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One of the common questions a pool and spa warehouse receives from customers nowadays is whether they should get a regular swimming pool or a swim spa. 

Aside from the health and wellness benefits, adding a pool to your home can be advantageous once you decide to sell your property in the future. The same thing also happens when you choose a swim spa.

Remember that both the pool and spa have their advantages and drawbacks. And so, your decision about this matter should be based on some factors and requirements. 

For instance, if cost and maintenance are a factor for you, then a portable spa that’s cheaper to install, more versatile, and easier to maintain is a better choice.

This blog outlines the pros and cons of both to help you decide which could work out better for you and your family. 

pool and spa warehouse

Price and Installation Cost

The price and the installation cost are vital considerations when deciding which one you should get. The average installation cost of a spa is much cheaper than a regular pool due to the construction involved when installing a pool. 

Pool installation may also incur hidden fees such as insurance costs and a fence which is a requirement in some areas. Installing a pool may also take several weeks, while a spa will only take a few hours once a solid surface is already in place. 

Space and Maintenance

The best thing about swim spas is that they are compact and easy to install compared to a regular pool, leaving more space in your backyard for landscaping.

Swim spas can be installed inside or outside your home, above ground or inground, or even on a reinforced deck.

Also, a spa uses fewer chemicals and less water. It is also much cheaper to heat, adding up a huge saving for your time and wallet. Whereas maintaining a pool is more expensive and takes time. Some pool owners even have to hire a servicing company to accomplish the task.

Fitness and Exercise

Aside from relaxation, swim spas are also ideal for fitness and aquatic exercise, especially for top-level athletes. Their built-in current systems make it ideal for fitness buffs to stay in shape as they provide a consistent current to swim against that can be adjusted to match your skill level. 

Spa owners also have the option to add additional accessories to level up their exercise routines aside from swimming and jogging in place. 

Unlike pools, the water temperature in a spa can be adjusted to suit users’ needs and requirements. Swim spas also provide additional health benefits such as hydrotherapy and other health and wellness benefits. 

Swimming Season

With a regular pool, the swimming season is limited to several months only as they are less likely to stand against seasonal changes and quite impossible and costly to warm up. 

Swim spas are available all year long because they are well insulated against cold and have a built-in heater. And so, if you want to extend your swimming season, a swim spa is a much more cost-effective choice. 

Visit a Reputable Pool and Spa Warehouse Near You!

We hope this article helped you in your decision-making. Getting a pool or a spa is a hefty investment, so that’s why you need to consider all your options. 

If you are still undecided about what is right for you, we advise that you visit a professional and reputable spa shop near you to explore your options and make the right choice.