Choosing the Best Shower Chair for Your Loved Ones with Mobility Issue

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For people who have lost their mobility due to old age, injuries, or illness, showering can be challenging and exhausting without the help of mobility aids like a shower chair.

They will not only have difficulty mustering the strength to accomplish the task at hand, but they are also prone to accidents that might aggravate their condition.

Shower chairs help people with reduced mobility conserve their energy, feel more comfortable and safer.

This article will try to educate and empower people in choosing the best mobility chairs for their loved ones.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of shower chairs and the features to look for.

What is a Shower Chair?

Shower chairs are waterproof chairs known by various names, such as shower seats, commode chairs, and shower tools. They are designed to be seated by patients suffering from temporary or permanent mobility impairment while inside the bathroom.

Most chairs have rubberized, non-slip feet, padded backrest for support and comfort, and a reinforced heavy-duty frame.

Different Types of Shower Chairs

Although mobility chairs provide the same function, they come in different sizes, shapes, and mobility levels to cater a specific mobility need.

Here are some common types of mobility chairs to choose from.

• Standard Shower Chairs

Have four rubberized feet, a wide seat, a backrest, and armrests. It also provides more stability, space, and support to the user.

• Bariatric Shower Chairs

This chair is suitable for bariatric users and usually has a higher weight capacity of 300kg and a wider seat area to accommodate the occupants.

Other features include a padded backrest and armrests for extra comfort, a reinforced heavy-duty frame for improved safety, and aims to provide support when sitting or transferring.

• Fold-Down / Collapsible Portable

Designed with aluminum for longer usage and is easily collapsible for storage and convenience when traveling. It is ideal when other people are using the same shower and it needs to be removed in the bathroom and then put back.

• Shower and Commode Chair

This type of chair addresses the two activities in the bathroom without the need to change the room itself. Intended for the elderly, weakened, or disabled patients.

This chair mostly has height-adjustable feet that adapt perfectly to the user’s height for greater comfort. It also helps minimize fall risk.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Shower Chairs

There are a lot of factors and features to consider when buying this mobility aid. However, it is best to consult an occupational therapist so that you can pick the appropriate chair for your loved one with a specific need or diagnosis.

Here are some features to consider when looking for mobility chairs.

• Seat Size and Shape
• Weight Capacity
• Height Adjustability
• Safety Features and Support
• Material Used
• Padded Seat and Backrest

Take Away

Choosing the best mobility aid for your loved one can be life-changing. That is why always consider the comfort, safety, and specific needs of the person who will use it.

Shower chairs not only reduce the risk of a dangerous bathroom accident for people with mobility issues but provide a safe and comfortable support to facilitate bathing and toileting activities.

Lastly, these mobility aids greatly contribute to their independence and quality of life by allowing them to take care of their basic hygiene more safely and confidently.