Why You Need A Timber Ceiling Fan in Your Home

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A ceiling fan is able to increase coziness and reduce the energy bills of yours in the summer as well as winter. Here’s a guide in order to help you acquire the best ceiling fan for the home, and then to share the cost-saving advantages of utilizing ceiling fans all throughout the season.

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Timber Ceiling Fan and Energy Saving

Ceiling fans are really economical to use. The majority of ceiling fans cost only three cents every hour to work – exactly the same as a 60-watt light bulb. An hour, in contrast, that is dramatic, air conditioners utilize 2000+ watts.

Everyone knows that in the temperature during mid-summer and a fan just will not cut it by itself. But in case you make use of a ceiling fan in combination with an air conditioner you are able to create a saving of up to 40% on energy expenses to cool the home of yours. Think about the savings for the planet also.


The breeze produced by a ceiling fan is going to make you feel as much as eight degrees cooler.

Summer just passed so fast into autumn – even though you would not know it right here in Australia just still as the temperatures continue to be really summery and above thirty Celsius most days. You may have your fan on during day time while I work and I have been able to considerably scale back on the usage of our air conditioner since looking into this post.


It was an eye-opener. Did you realize that in case you have a reversible fan you are able to alter the blade direction to anti-clockwise and reduce the heating costs of yours in winter? The reverse activity of the blades drives the warm air from the heater of yours up to the ceiling then back down the walls, re-circulating the warm air and leading to energy savings of ten %.

What to Consider when Purchasing A Ceiling Fan

Room Size

For a big room – six x six meters (20-30 square meters or perhaps 225 400 square feet) – you will need a fan with cutting blades of 132cm or over. Smaller rooms up to four x five meters (twenty square meters or perhaps 225 square feet) merely demand 122cm blades.

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Room Usage

A timber ceiling fan is actually quieter than people with metal cutting blades since they move less atmosphere. When you are searching for a ceiling fan for a peaceful zone in the home such as the bedroom or home office, pick timber. Metal blade fans are going to serve you well in places that are generally noisier like the kitchen and living spaces.


There is really a very small variation in the overall performance of fans with 3, 4, or 5 blades. So, base the choice of yours on the appearance of the design and the taste of yours.

Considering these things before deciding to install a ceiling fan will make sure that you won’t end up wasting your money, time, and effort.