What Does TRT Australia Say About Exercises That Allegedly Increase Testosterone Level?

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Is there a possible way that the people behind the TRT Australia industry affirm to us the veracity of belief of many of us that there are certain kinds of exercises that can help increase testosterone levels in the male human body? If there is any truth to this, then what are those workouts that can help in this regard?

A study carried out by a team of medical professionals from Harvard Medical School suggests that more than ⅓ of men past the age of 45 are likely to have reduced amounts of testosterone in their system. In line with this, a handful of women also tend to show symptoms of deficiency in this area, most especially when they are already nearing menopausal years.

Besides popping a pill or medication for this or just blindly accepting what fate had in store for you, here are some of those workouts that allegedly can help induce your body to increase its testosterone production.

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Testosterone-increasing workout #1: HIIT Workout

By engaging oneself to a HIIT program or high-intensity interval training, according to several in-depth studies about it, individuals suffering from reduced amounts of testosterone in his system can boost his body to produce more of this important hormone.

From one of the said studies, its results showed that people who had gone through an array of short but intense 6-second sprints tend to enjoy increased amounts of testosterone in their systems. Besides, testosterone levels tend to remain high even after the individual’s body has completely recovered from the sprint exercise.

Testosterone-enhancing workout #2: Lifting Weights

Much like how the HIIT workout goes, this type of physical exercise necessitates you need to push yourself to the limits to reap the beneficial effects they have on your body. Ideal workouts that fall into this include a heavy, full-body exercise in the form of deadlifts, squats and Olympic lifts. But you need to perform them at 85-95 percent of your 1RM or one-repetition maximum.

Testosterone-producing workout #3: Longer rest periods

Scientists have looked into this to know what short periods of rest can do on testosterone. They found out that long periods of rests, a minimum of 120 seconds, between sets are beneficial to the body in as far as building testosterone is concerned. It will still allow your system to build other important hormones too, including the growth hormone, even at shorter periods of rest.

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Testosterone-increasing workout #4: Engaging in forced reps

In a forced repetition, you need to do a weight-lifting exercise as much as the times that your body can. Then, with the help of a partner, have him assist you in carrying out several additional repetitions. This will be anywhere from 10-15 or more.

Best results from forced rep workout usually come most effective and high-impacting when you perform them with multi-joint movements with large-range-of-motion. For instance, you can perform barbell squats as a warm-up set.

Then, you can follow this up with a partner, or a personal trainer. Or anyone at the gym who is willing to help and assist you – pick out a weight that you think you can do a minimum of 5 – 6 repetitions on your own but will need you to be assisted by another to carry out 3-4 reps done right after. This should make you a total of 8-10 reps. You can do the cycle again anywhere from 2 – 8 sets.

If you will try to incorporate the above-mentioned testosterone increasing workouts, do your best to get adequate amounts of sleep. Otherwise, all that hard work you did at the gym will just go down the drain right after.

If you are still too concerned with your T-levels, the best course of action you can take here is to have them looked into by a physician. You may not be putting yourself in harm’s way when you perform any of the above-mentioned exercises regardless if your system happens to have low or adequate testosterone, but if your situation happens to show you have an extreme T-level amount, that is either very high or low testosterone, it may take your body more than just doing a good exercise to help it in balancing the problem.

If you are in this type of situation, reaching out to a reputable TRT Australian doctor will help you best in getting to the bottom of the issue, right even before it escalates to a bigger health problem.